Ledger Men & Horses Art Print

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Traditionally stories were told through pictures and drawn on hides, it was a way to document stories in an artistic way. As our ancestors were pushed onto reserves and had their hunting traditions stripped from them there was no longer hide to paint on. Resources were scarce, including paper, but the government required detailed record keeping so the people turned to using the pages from those ledgers to document their stories instead.

Metis people, being from two worlds, and being the bridge, brought traditions with them from both worlds. This is my Metis take on an old tradition, storytelling, a modern nod to old traditions.

The figures and animals are drawn by hand with pencil on paper. They are then transferred to the computer, redrawn with a tablet and coloured digitally. The ledger is added and the images are placed on top in illustrator.

-11x17 inch, non framed

-8.5 x11 inch Framed with 11x14 inch with

Paper Frame and Backing. 

Size: 11x17